Monday, 17 September 2012

ZCC sacrifice - Constable Rasuge (twin)

Good day my fellow brothers and sisters.

I go by the name of Kuthi M. I am an African female who's desire is to get important messages out that urgently need to get exposed. I do believe in everyone having a right to their opinion, And I do tend to agree or disagree at the end of the day, but information nonetheless must be let out!

I come in the name of Jesus, as I write this blog and cast out all evil spirits. I hope you enjoy the interesting read of the ZCC being exposed on the accounts. These accounts are references made my ex church members and knowledgeable people who have INSIDE INFORMATION. Have been researching this for several years since 2003.

If you do your research on Google, you may find that there is clear information on the Zion Christian Church.
It was stated by a man named Engenas Lekganyane in 1910, in the Limpopo Province. Today the main church is in Zion City Moria. This church has been marked by controversies that are hard to ignore. Again, research can be done.

Ex ZCC members who have had high rankings within the secret sect of the church have mentioned that the following shocking events.

Constable Rasuge

The young Constable Police who went missing at the hands of her boyfriend William Nkuna in 2004 was sacrificed to the church. Later in the year 2007, her remains would be discovered at her ex boyfriend's residence. A skull and some hair was reported to have been found at the scene. Luckily in 2005 William Nkuna was sentenced to life imprisonment for the case.

The upper ranks of the ZCC offer human flesh to Lekganyane. William Nkuna had a deal with the church and was the fall guy.

Why Rasuge? - If you didn't know Rasuge is an identical twin. She has a twin sister Wilheminah, who according to Sunday World newspaper reports "failed" to attend her sisters funeral on 14th April 2012.
The ZCC require that members and families of the church "Sacrifice" one of their twins to the church. The lower ranks would have no knowledge of this. But most families do. Rasuge's family apparently offered her up to the church.

Illuminati and Satanic rituals work along the lines of gaining spiritual powers from twins. You can research that too. A twin controlled under these dark forces is killed, sometimes at birth. The twin is killed and then the live twin is given double the spiritual power. (Illuminati)  The live twin gets the power of two souls. Yes. These satanic rituals are taking place in South Africa.

Nkuna is well taken care of and is a high ranking leader in the church. Again, the lower ranks of the ZCC may not know of this, but there are some that get exposed to these sick events or secrets.

Rasuge's story caught huge media attention for almost a decade. Many SA citizens prayed and wished that she would be found. 3rd Degree with Deborah Patta also made waves when the Rasuge's were visited at their home. Like all families they appeared to be sincerely concerned and distraught. However our ex ZCC birdie mentions that Rasuge's family new of her death and secretly sacrificed her to the church in honor of Lekganyane/Satan.

Praise be to God. Such information can never be hidden. Not on Jehovah God's watch.

Feel free to comment.

Khuthi M.


  1. Hi Khuti,
    Very interesting piece. Do you have further information concerning this?

  2. Who ask you anyway. I thought was something interesting. to my surprise is your incessant jabbering. Go hang yourself, you miserable clown.

  3. I think u shud be assisting the SAPS in investigating this matter and ensure that Lekganyane/Satan is exposed and face the full might of the law! And thereafter stand as a wickness in the court of law to ensure that he's proven guilty!

  4. O bolela rubbish. Go hang yourself.

  5. Ya NE, just tota rubbish, the dumest story I've ever hear. If ower ranks don't know about this twin sacrifice nonsense then how would the families know. Mxm

  6. tjo can't make false claims against the man of God,kore waitsi you really planned this blog talkin' bout high ranks and low ranks,the church is an original african church not some american immitation,it even appeares in the bible.I hope god goes easy on your punishment or better yet forgives're just some little blogger trying to make it in the media world,

  7. Good Work Exposing the Rubish Teachings of the ZCC church please come with more information.

    Lekganyane (whatever his name is) is NOT the man of God! He just like me a sinner! Wish I could go to Moria and clap his beard off

  8. Y zcc people take a coke nd thru it in the middle of the road y do know wat zcc stand 4,zion close co-oparation that's business as usually nd adulterly is huge in the church y god save ur children plz

  9. sister. u talk like a pregnant pig. Get a life and maybe a man too cause that church you are attending is misguiding you. you come to ZCC looking for positions and later when you don't get them you start writing rubbish about the church. count the members of ZCC and compare them with that spaza church you are operating from your back yard with 8 members. You think all 18 million members of ZCC are stupid and you are clever? Shut the hell up

  10. i guess this is why you get sick or loose your job when you stop going to the church, thanx khuthi for researching further

  11. Kanti Francise boyfriend (Nkuna) was a member of the ZCC Church??Itjoo taba ekana. Where did you get that info?? You should have given it to the police dumb ass!!

    jokes aside, people stop talking bad about this church. You think people will continue to join the church daily if it was a Satanist church?? gET REAL AND GET A LIFE. iTS TRUE, PEOPLE LIKE HER ARE THOSE WHO COME TO CHURCH FOR POSITIONS AND WHEN THEY ARE NOT GIVEN POSITIONS, THEY LEAVE AND WRITE THINGS LIKE THIS ON PAPERS AND SOCIAL NETWORKS. GOD BE WITH YOU

  12. We believe or not but the bible did mention that; there will be false prophets, people please go and read the book of revelation. because what I know and believe is that cursed are those who teach people what is not recorded in the book called bible. Lets leave the judging part to God, and seek his kingdom

  13. Lord have mercy on us... Only You know the truth and only You can judge my Lord and Saviour! Lord giveth and taketh.. He gives gift of prophecies, healing, ect. I feel so sorry for you who wrote this thinking your so smart. God still performs miracles through His chosen servants on earth. I want to make just a simple example: when a relationship ends girlfriend/boyfriend or a friiendship ends, both party will say something negative about the other forgetting the good that they did. When u resign from ur current work it's mostly because u have found something better and then u start talking bad abt ur previous company, forgetting that they paid ur salary and u were able to provide for ur family. This is sad really. I am not a ZCC member, but I respect the church and it's leaders so much. They teach girls to be dignified woman and men to be leaders. Whoever disobeys the church's rules does so on they own. This goes with all other churches in this world. Try writing about something that will save the country from people like you next time.

    1. what does sleeping around have to do with being dignified Beverly? im just curious coz the church promotes fornification, adultery n mostly the idolizing of ancestors, please make me understand coz all these r against the will of God

  14. Why do peeps keep saying the church teaches people to sleep around whereas I endlessly get told to stop sleeping around and to stick to on woman = and to pray that God blesses me with the right woman?

    I wish Khut's blog would be educational but it sounds more like hate speech, so is most of the comments thereof which means her words entices feuds instead of peace, fascinating I must say.

    Here is something to chew on, Abel and Kanan were brothers yet one killed the other, does this mean there possibilities of family members fighting and speaking evil of one another does not exist?
    Samson was betrayed by his lover, Delilah. Does this not illustrate that those whom we love dearly have the ability to be the cause of our down fall?
    Jesus was double crossed by the same person he spent most time with, same person he shared a meal with, does this not show that even within every church in every group of twelve there could be a Judas?

    I don't know, you think about it, and yes I am a ZCC member :-)

  15. You talking nonsense Khuti M I guess M stands for Maniac you crazy girl.

  16. You put star on your chrismas tree every year . get a life

  17. Morning brothers and sisters. It must be nice being anti-ZCC, but guess what the church has been around since 1910, throughout its history it was always opposed, but it is still standing strong and its a damn shame that its destructors go to ZCC when HP, Diabetes and High Cholesterol catch up with them, which is almost too late. Is it that difficult to focus on the positive role ZCC plays in society (economic development, promoting self reliance, fostering peace, being anti-tribalist , promoting good health, promoting God Almighty e.t.c). ZCC is an institution, in any institution you find good and bad, even Jesus Christ was killed by Christians, so leave Ramarumo in eternal peace and focus on building your life.

  18. One doesn't get exonerated from afflictions of this world merely because he/she belongs to a certain church. What happened to Rasuge could happen to any woman since we live in a merciless world. That was woman abuse. Our society will never progress as long as we have marrow minded people like you. You breed hatred in a society, the society which is already divided. No wonder why there is no peace in our lives, it's because of people like you

    Be a nation builder, stop this accusations. You will never lead for as long as you have that mentality of undermining/badmouthing other groups.

  19. hI Phuti or whoever you are. first go back and get your dates and years right. and stop publishing shit you dont know and understand. william nkuna is rotting in jail how can he be a high ranking priest of the church? usangene ikhanda lakho li gcwele u pelepele..get your facts right before you publish bull.